Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

The word Epiphany comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to reveal’. This is why you might hear people say they’ve had an epiphany when they’ve just realised something.

The Epiphany marks the part in the Christian Christmas story where the three wise men visit the baby Jesus bearing gifts. In keeping with the spirit of gift giving, and revealing to yourself how to achieve better outcomes for you and your business this New Year – give yourself the gift of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the foundation for how you are going to influence what happens next in your life or business. By switching your focus from what is going on outside of you to tuning into what is going on inside of you, gives you power. As you observe yourself, you move from being the voice in your head to being the one who is listening and observing this voice. This enables you to appraise how you think and behave, and how this is affecting performance.

Being self-aware supports healthy emotional functioning. It enables you to examine your responses and the choices you make each day, and the effect these responses and choices are having on you and your business.

Ask yourself

  • How am I choosing to show up at work?
  • How do I respond to customers and their expectations?
  • How do I react when things go wrong?
  • How do I spend my time and with whom?
  • How well do I listen before I respond?
  • How do I respond to guidance and instruction?
  • How do I react to change and new ideas?
  • How do I react to bad weather, slow traffic etc?

Even if you think you don’t have control over a situation, realise that you do have control over how you respond and what choices you make. Knowing this can make you alert to how many of your responses and choices are automatic and at times unhelpful. This gives you the opportunity to consider alternatives that may bring better outcomes.

Equally gaining awareness of the responses and choices that help, allows you to play to your strengths as you navigate the work and life challenges you may face this year.

Embracing this gift of self-awareness will reveal the key for unlocking your power and achieving better outcomes for you and your business this New Year!