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A personal message from Colette

Throughout my life I have always taken pleasure in working. From as young as thirteen I held down three summer jobs relishing in the responsibility and the many rewards that work provides. As a diligent worker with an ambitious and outgoing personality, I picked things up easily and got on well with customers and colleagues and developed natural leadership qualities.

While I worked hard at being a highflyer, there were times throughout my career where I felt inadequately equipped to deal with various situations that cropped up. However, whilst holding a  position of Training and Standards Manager with a large Catering and Facilities Management Company, I gained my first experience of coaching. This blew my mind and led me on a journey of self-awareness and discovery, transforming my behaviour and thinking and providing me with a sense of freedom to be myself and an even greater lust for life and leadership.

The insights gained in coaching conversations still amaze me. Gaining these insights provide the power to propel people forward, changing their trajectory from a downward negative spiral to a lighter, brighter disposition, grounded in possibility.

Coaching also develops resilience to cope when things get tough as well as the wherewithal to accept and honour good fortune and rewards as and when they come along. My personal hope for you and your team is that you also get to experience the powerful personal and professional development that occurs through coaching. Developing a growth and continuous development mind-set through coaching means the journey of learning never ends.

Having recently completed an Msc in personal and management coaching with University College Cork, I am inspired by the work of leadership Coach and Author Peter Hawkins, Edward Rowland and John Whittington for introducing me to constellations as a powerful systemic coaching tool within the world of leadership and teams, Paul Lawrence for his insights into team coaching practices, Adrian Mitchel for his longstanding dedication to safeguarding coaching skills and competency standards within the Industry and Lorna McDowell for her pioneering approach to leadership team development.

Building on the enormous contributions of these and other contributors to the coaching industry is now my work-life purpose. Creating the right conditions to enable leaders to gain fresh perspective and build high performing teams is highly rewarding. So don’t waste time – get in touch and give you and your team the opportunity to lighten the load and face the challenges that await you at work with fortitude and gusto.

Thank you for visiting my web-site. I hope you found inspiration and the assistance you require. Should you require further assistance, like to meet with me or book an appointment, please use my contact page here.

Colette Bannon
The Workcoach