Colette Bannon

Executive and
Workplace Coach

Coaching will ensure you and your
team manage the pace and pressures of:

  • radically shifting customer demands,
  • lightning-fast advances in technology
  • and new expectations from emerging millennials

My particular blend of strengths based solutions focused coaching will relax your mind, reframe your thinking, ignite your energy and move you in the right direction quickly.

The process of talking out loud to someone that is listening to your words, and allowing you to examine your thinking, will prove vital to keep you on point, avoid burn-out and maintain high performance.

We coach people to:
  • Be Authentic Leaders
  • Use Coaching Skills
  • Be Mindful at Work
  • Achieve Sales Targets
  • Influence and Negotiate
  • Prepare for Promotions (CV & Interview Skills)
  • Plan and Create Strategy
  • Manage Time and Conflict Effectively
  • Present Confidently and Build Effective Relationships at Work

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To book a one to one Executive or Team Coaching session, contact Colette on 086 8369922 or email her below.